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In early December, our first 55 little chicks arrived in the mail, and since then we've been raising them with lots of love (and organic chick feed)...

Starting February/March/April we should have our first certified organic, farm raised and pastured (at least partly / grass-fed) chicken eggs.

 You will be able to be the first to enjoy them in the restaurant, in one of Chef Stefans famous dishes...


Our Chickens are: Ameraucanas (green & blue eggs), Welsummers (dark brown), Marans (Dark-Red-Brown), Wyandottes (Brown to dark brown), Buff Orpingtons (light brown) and Rhode Island Reds (light brown).

 They are very pretty, and its really exciting to see them grow and be marrier every day... 



We recently got 2 female Llamas from a local Breeder.

Their job will be to protect our little lambs from getting cought by the hungry coyotes...

They are really pretty - Welcome to the farm Schoki and Lamy!




Pregnant Cows...

Spring brought good news:

 Our cows are pregnant!

 If everything works out well, we should have little calves in late August or early September...

 They will be a cross between Jersey and Meat Breed.

 It's going to be exciting, since that also means that we can start milking again and eventually reach the goal of producing our own raw-milk cheese one day...

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