Headgeapple Farm

  (Earlham, Iowa)
a home for happy sheep, cows, chickens and people

Giving Thanks

My family here at Hedgeapple Farm would like to take the time to give thanks first of all to our Precious Lord.  For giving us life and for giving His life up for us.  Nothing, nothing would be possible if it were not for Jesus.


We are so thankful for our faithful customers!  They have enjoyed our lamb, chicken, eggs and wool products. We pray every day for each and everyone of you.  Thank you for helping this be our best year ever. We strive to raise food that promotes heatlh, intellegence and long lives.   We know we have a responsibility to raise food that not only feeds us but nourishes us as well.  If I wouldn't feed it to my family I sure in heck wouldn't sell it to our neighbors.

We also want to thank Abi from High Prairie Fibers who does all our wool processing for us.  Abi taught me how to spin almost 3 years ago, and because of her we are back in the sheep business, raising some of the most incredable breeds available.  Thank you Abi!

Thank you also to Maggie at Prarie Land Herbs.  Maggie held the spinning workshop at her place.  From the classes she offers at her store, I have learned how to make soap, bath scubs,  felted purses and growing and using herbs.  What a fun shop.  Maggie also sells my roving and yarns at her store, along with other local fiber artitists.

Thank you everyone, and may God's blessings be showered on you in the coming new year.


The Bailey's


Almost finished!

My husband and I finished the north wall to the chicken coop.  All we have is the east wall which is basically just chicken wire, so all we have to do is just nail up some plastic on the outside.  This will keep down the drafts, and hopefully we have some pretty happy chickens.  I know I have been thrilled with the amount of eggs these girls and giving me.  Yesterday we got 23, and with a high of 32!  I also sold 6 of our pastured raised chickens.  We only raised 50 this time around, and 44 made it to the processer.  We will keep 25 for us to get us through the winter, the rest will be sold or given away as gifts.  The chickens are raised outside from the time they are 3 or 4 weeks old in our chicken tractor that gets moved daily and are also fed a diet of orgain non-soy chicken mash made just for them.  Boy are these chickens good!


Warm and happy chickens!

Yesterday, after picking up 3 more laying pullets and a new rooster my husband and I started the process of insulating the chicken coop.  Our coop is made up of tin sheets, lots of them.   However the tin has lots of holes punched out, my guess its for nailing.  Works to keep the rain out but not the wind, which here in Iowa can get very nasty, especially when its from the west.  So we worked hard on the west wall, putting up plastic, and stuffing old useless wool in for insulation.  Some of the wool was given to me, some came from our own sheep.  I love the fact that nothing goes to waste, and we haven't needed to spend a dime on this project. 


The hens should be much happier now, and our egg production should remain steady, hopefully.


Pictures to come when the project is complete.  It looks to be worthy of a Countryside article.

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