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Almost finished!

My husband and I finished the north wall to the chicken coop.  All we have is the east wall which is basically just chicken wire, so all we have to do is just nail up some plastic on the outside.  This will keep down the drafts, and hopefully we have some pretty happy chickens.  I know I have been thrilled with the amount of eggs these girls and giving me.  Yesterday we got 23, and with a high of 32!  I also sold 6 of our pastured raised chickens.  We only raised 50 this time around, and 44 made it to the processer.  We will keep 25 for us to get us through the winter, the rest will be sold or given away as gifts.  The chickens are raised outside from the time they are 3 or 4 weeks old in our chicken tractor that gets moved daily and are also fed a diet of orgain non-soy chicken mash made just for them.  Boy are these chickens good!

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