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My first blog.

This is my first blog ever. This week has been full and it isn't even Wednesday. I have been building a duck pen so I can move my young ducks (4) out of the bathroom. I have been brooding them in a plastic tub with shavings in the bottom. Two are Khaki Campbell who seem to be females from the feathers coming in. The other two I think are Black Runners but they aren't as upright as the ones in pictures. Maybe they are crossed with a Cayuga or are just not show quality birds. All I care is that they lay eggs. I can't tell about them yet what sex they are. 

Monday I was at the Agriculture Office at the Ellington Center in Nashville. I took a dead lamb who had strangled herself in a hay net to be necropsied to see if I am getting a hand on the barberpole worm problem. (No more hay nets.)  I have been trying to find the right link to get the form for the tax ID number for the farm to no avail so I thought I would stop over at the main building and see if someone could help. I met a wonderful lady who helped me out with the tax number and the farm registry forms. We were talking and  it turns out that she has not heard of Local Harvest. I told her to check it out because I believed it is going to change the face of small farming forever. I told her about the wonderful heritage seeds available here and she told me that she had just had a request for information on where to get non-hybrid corn. I asked if she knew about Seed Savers and she hadn't heard of them either. So Local Harvest might start seeing a rush of farms from Tennessee as the word spreads out. I wonder how many other states's Agriculture Department hasn't a clue what Local Harvest is.

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