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Chilled to the bone

Oh yes, now I remember. This is Alaska and it's suppose to be like this, right? No. We have had a really really long cold snap this year. And an early one to boot.

Keeping water bowls thawed has become a full time job around here. It's been hitting -20 for weeks now and it doesn't help at all when the wind occassionaly joins in. Usually with the wind comes a rise in the temperature making it easier to hide from the cold. But not this year.

The windows inside the house are laden with ice from boiling water on the stove all the time. But it's the only way to keep thawed water outside. Not to mention all the moisture in the air sure helps my skin feel better and the kids can't shock me so well when they drag their feet across the carpet. I keep promising the girls (farm animals) that it really will warm up soon. After all just how long can this cold snap hold on?

So far all the critters are holding well. I've only had a few frozen eggs that the ladies have mistakenly laid on the ground. I've actually been surprised the ladies are still giving me eggs in this frigid of weather.

On the plus side of the weather it has given me lots of extra time to work on spinning my wool. making different weights and plys and been interesting. I've also been whipping up items (hats, scarfs, face masks, slippers) and tearing them back apart. Learning as I go.

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