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False Springs

After weeks of 20 below temps our crazy temps bounced back, but way above normal. Pouring rain and 40-50 degree temperatures closed our schools and left a lot of folks unable to get to work for days.

Giant puddles were breaching walls into the barn causing interior puddles leaving no dry ground to bed down on, except on the rubber mats. I watched the goats and sheep carefully to make sure they weren't catching a cold or worse. So we drug out a submersible sump pump and lots of hoses to help relocate the water before it refroze into ice rinks. A visit from our manure pickup guy, commented that his apple trees were begining to bud. Yikes! After a week of these warm temps all was refroze and our temps have returned to normal. But not without making me feel more anxious for spring. It sure was nice getting to go out without being so tightly bundled but Liza (my daughter) didn't find delight in falling and getting so wet all the time. She must have slipped a dozen times but luckily no broken bones.

On the plus side, the girls (chickens) were also fooled. Our egg count doubled and our ducks started laying. I let them out during the warm spell to forage in the now exposed ground and so the ducks and geese could play in the puddles. And play they did! Nothing more entertaining than watching ducks play. Bobbing their heads, flapping their wings, dunking in the water and sporadically dashing this way and that. LOVE IT!


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