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Thanks to my ancestors

It's all about family and how we are who we are. No matter what type of life we currently have or are living, we can not deny our ancestors. Their fight to survive and thrive are the only reasons that we exist.

 For me I think back to my great grandparents who had 13 children in a small cabin in Montana. Surviving through the long cold winters in such economic hard times was not for the faint of heart. Farming for them was not a hobby as many of us now do, it was a fact for survival. Chores were completed with out complaint as it also helped to keep them warm.

I recall one story of an extremely long harsh winter and how they hadn't even enough flour to make bisquits and how the church folks pulled togethering a basket of food and dropped it off at their door.

When i see our table laden with pretty dishes flowing with foods it sometimes brings a tear to my eye to think how fortunate we are. To be able to put clothes in the washer and walk away or the dishes into the dishwasher. How nice it is to be in a warm bathroom and be able to take a shower. Or just to simply turn on the lights, sit in a comfy upholstered chair and flip the tv channels or surf the internet.

For all these things and much much more, I am forever grateful to my ancestors, for we are surely blessed.

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