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Farm update

Farm Update - lots of changes on the farm.  Now concentrating on the farm full-time.  Moving the farm to the Ghent/Omi locations has proven to be a great decision.

Now concentrating on Organic Garden, Heritage breed Shetland Sheep as well as our endangered Cuckoo Maran.  

Farm visitors welcome!!  Plenty of lambs to play with.  Several sheep for sale i.e. breeding stock, pet friendly and great fleece.

Sheltie Meadow Farm Market

Miana Ruiz-Ryan, Farm Manager 

"Home of the Happy Hens"

Where Happy Hens lay better eggs!! 



Busy with the farm

We have been really busy with the farm animals.  We have two additionally llamas - Mocha Lattee and Lorenzo Llama.

No additionally baby lambs.  We love the new location!!!  We are starting a csa in 2010.  Hoping to keep the open house on schedule, may need to delay by a couple weeks.  Working on llama shelter.  Told by Mocha's previous owner she could be due any day now - so maybe another llama on the way.

Love the rescued sheep.  Bridget has really stolen our heart.  Here is a sheep that was so starved by her previous owner she was eating the wool off the other sheep.  She comes to us for snacks on a daily basis and really trusts human.  Boy, animals are great!!!

Thanks for all the emails!!!  We certainly love what we do!!

The Ryan Family,

Tim, Miana, Colin, Cora & Conor



Farm is growing

Sorry for my delay in writing in our blog.  Moving, building fencing, lambing, rescuing an alpaca and a llama has kept us all busy.  We have 14 lambs so far this year with three ewes due really late, immature ram had trouble breeding.  We have 4 ewe lambs and 10 ram lambs.  We will have a sheep sale at our open house on October 3rd, several are pet quality.  

We will have all-natural, grass fed beef available soon.

We are in the processes of building another paddock to house the ten shetland sheep we will be rescuing on Saturday, June 6th, from a non-profit group in Schoharie.  

 I will try to keep up on my posts.

 Thanks for loooking, Miana Ruiz-Ryan



Finally settled into our Hudson Farm location

We are finally settling into our new Hudson Farm location.  We are very excited to meet the community.  

 This is a real time of excitement on the farm with lambing.  We have 11 lambs so far this year with a few ewes to go.  If you would like to visit the farm, please send us an email at sheltiemeadowfarm dot com or call us at (518) 828-7803.



The Ryan Family - Tim, Miana, Colin, Cora, and Conor 


Moved cancelled

Hi to all our NY customers.  Good news!  The move is off.  Found out contract was not legal.  Almost fell victim to scam. 

Thanks for all your support and we hope to see at the Kinderhook Farmers Market this summer!

Thanks to all!


On the Move


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Update on Sheep

Not much to say, sorry I have not kept up with my blog.  The ship are starting to come out of the barn more not that the grass is showing through the snow.  They are becoming much more active.  The two new moms are still very cautious.  We are unable to get them to eat out of our hands.  They love the animal crackers for sure, but will not get close enough.  The two new lamb ewes and the ewe ram are coming along nicely.  They let us pet them when feeding they will set next to us when we have our lawn chairs in the pasture.  I love them!

Sheep for Sale

Good day,

I have a few registered shetland sheep for sale (some with Maple Ridge lineage).  Great mothers, great for spinners.

Sheep have adjusted well to new surroundings.  New ram lamb is doing GREAT! 

Things have been busy here on the farm, preparing for winter.  Will try and get some new pictures soon.

Have a Happy HEALTHY Day!

Miana & Tim


NewSheep have Arrived!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I am still not regular with my entries.  Things have been crazy on the farm.  We got Mirky and her ewe Olana a few weeks ago and went back and got Inky and her ewe Izzy.  We got a new breeding ram his name is Thor.  We are delighted with our new additions. 

We have two registered ewes for sale, one with horns.  I can send pictures if anyone is interested, would be willing to sell an unrelated ram as well.

Have a Happy Healthy Day!

Miana Ruiz-Ryan, Sheltie Meadow Farm Market



New Farm Name Change


We decided to go back to our original name - Sheltie Meadow Farm Market, as we do more than grow organic produce and have sheep.  We have fresh baked goods and home made jelly.  All the good things you find at a farmer's market. 

Thank you all!



New Sheep adjusting nicely

Good morning,

The new sheep are adjusting nicely.  Mirky is still very submission with the others and is not sure of herself.  We are working with her.  Her ewe lamb Olana is adjusting much better, probably due to her age.  Neither will come to the fence but are getting closer.

If you would like to visit, please let me know at; we are a small farm, but still enjoy visitors, the sheep love animal crackers and will come running to eat them out of your hand.

I will try to keep this blog updated.



Sheltie Meadow Sheep n' Organics



Join 2009 Columbia County Tour Guide

We recently enrolled in the 2009 Columbia County Tour Guide for farms/farming.  We are thrilled.  We are still growing and excited about change.  Our lambs are quickly growing up.  This year has been a rough year on the farm.  We moved in April/May, late garden in, flooding ruined and had to start over.  We have been told by several customers that eggs are the best and they simply could never eat store eggs again.  We have a waiting list for our eggs.

Again, I will try to keep up my blod.  Any questions? My email address is


Miana Ruiz-Ryan

Sheltie Meadow Sheep n' Organics


Sheltie Meadow Sheep n' Organics

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