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Update on Sheep

Not much to say, sorry I have not kept up with my blog.  The ship are starting to come out of the barn more not that the grass is showing through the snow.  They are becoming much more active.  The two new moms are still very cautious.  We are unable to get them to eat out of our hands.  They love the animal crackers for sure, but will not get close enough.  The two new lamb ewes and the ewe ram are coming along nicely.  They let us pet them when feeding they will set next to us when we have our lawn chairs in the pasture.  I love them!

Sheep for Sale

Good day,

I have a few registered shetland sheep for sale (some with Maple Ridge lineage).  Great mothers, great for spinners.

Sheep have adjusted well to new surroundings.  New ram lamb is doing GREAT! 

Things have been busy here on the farm, preparing for winter.  Will try and get some new pictures soon.

Have a Happy HEALTHY Day!

Miana & Tim

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