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A Dairy Industry that Loathes Itself

I wish you the best!

What a nice thing to say. Hoping, believing, that good things will happen.

That's not what our dairy industry is saying to Wisconsin farmers, is it?


Give us all your money, then die.

Dairy industry record profits; 2300 dairy farms died just last year. How many thousands more, this year, with dairy prices being so poor still?

Yet - a family dairy farm - generations - over 100 years in many many cases - finally decides it's not worth it anymore, and so ends a legacy, never to to gotten back. Gone forever.

And the dairy industry does what with their record profits? Lobbying, of course! More buyouts, less competitors. Competition is a suckers game - domination is the winning hand.

But along comes a few rebel family farms - that would dare to take the milk they've been drinking themselves at their farm with never a problem for 100 years - and profit themselves from it - NO. DIE says the dairy industry. We want CAFO sized farms to provide cheap milk. We make the money, not you.

Wish you well? No - wish us dead. Do we wish badly on them? Hardly. Yet they KNOW what happens to us - more of what's been happening - and they clearly believe that is OK. In fact, at the January 2010 DATCP board meeting, the Diary Products Association lobbyist put it best: "keep up the raw milk enforcement". They want us dead.

LIES upon LIES upon LIES - how can they make such a hatred of family dairy farms seem like something believable? Why safety! They have to talk so carefully - to have people not understand in just the right way - be kept in fear - but not questioning too much, because it falls apart awful darn quick when you - or the press - or the governor - ask followup questions.

Their main lies - repeated over and over again - maybe that will make it the truth - "the damage to the dairy industry". And by dairy industry they mean them. Not farmers, but them. We can see already how they feel about farmers: they want them dead. Fewer farms, more cows, cheaper milk, no lip from any of you uppity farmers.

So the worst thing happens. People get sick from some idiot that made mistakes and presumably - presumably because that's the way the Health people have made it sound - another lie -

How then does this destroy the dairy industry? Make them explain it to you. Let's see - we would know exactly from which farm the problem came from

...unlike the mass hysteria of we don't know where it comes from when you work with big industry. Could be in any one of thousands of products. But not with raw milk - a set customer list even; something the dairy industry could not do with a problem in its milk.

The problem would be localized, and the dairy industry and DATCP and sanitarians everywhere have done such a darn good job of making sure people understand it's RAW MILK and not the ultra-safe kind they promote, right?

So where is this "wild" raw milk that taints all milk products? It's only in the wild imaginations of the evil that want to crush family dairy farms. Fear. Their only tool. It's not science, it's not logic, it most certainly is not caring for people, or farmers or anyone - but themselves.

Governor Doyle - see through their lies. See through their selfishness. See through the illusion of what the dairy industry tells you it is - listen to the farmers, listen to the people. MORE farms not less, MORE natural high quality foods from Wisconsin BUILDS our reputation. It is our DAIRY INDUSTRY that is putting our dairy reputation in jeopardy, as their policies will surely kill off the remaining family dairy farms in Wisconsin.

We need MORE farms not LESS. Not BIGGER farms but BETTER farms - Sustainable farms - good jobs - not slaves to agribusiness. Wisconsin's power is in its farmers - the skills - the stewardship - of multigenerational family farms - in Wisconsin especially dairy farms.

Governor, if you give us a chance we  will show you. Not a picture of fear, of things people don't want, more dependency, less farmers - but a future with more farms, profitable farms, sustainable farms.

What can the dairy industry promise you? More of the same. Less farms. A future of dependency.


Scott Trautman, PROUD Wisconsin Dairyman

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