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We will not go away willingly....

I have written a variation of this to several people over the past days. It is current, it is exciting, I would tell everyone, but it is especially important for me to tell - because it is hope. It is positive energy, not the negative of DATCP's brutal attacks on family farms again.


We are disappointed in the veto by the governor, but we are not going away. Not one single thought that we will give up dairy. Never.

Our amazing heifer run is continuing. Last year: 17 heifers, 8 bulls. Three sets of twins. The end of season 2009  was twin heifers.

THIS season - so far - 7 heifers, 1 bull.

Just as beautiful as can be. All but this last heifer look as Jersey as they get.

Rose - daughter of Kay, my big Brown Swissy looking girl, pride of the herd, our future, "Kay Kay" (my pet name for her)  gives a lot of milk, stays in great flesh, is a great mom, extraordinarily low cell count. Well now her daughter - Rose - the first cow in our dairying life (eh, July 2008) to be bred, born and now come into the milk line herself, the full cycle.

And she is a beauty. "Rosalita" (my pet name for her...) figured out the headgates in 2 days; she has yet to lift a foot to me milking her; that from day 1. She is a doting but not overbearing mother. She has a great low cell count. She was "in the tank" very quickly. She milks out great. Her teats are perfectly placed; her calf suckles all 4 evenly: In other words, she is about as perfect as perfect gets, for me, in a cow.

And she is the first.

Of 21 that represent our first 2 years of heifers born and bred here.

How EXCITING is it to see how all this will turn out - what wonderful cows I - we - will have long and wonderful relationships with.
See why I'm not planning anything else? We love our life with cows.

This morning I took orders from my sons. I'd very much like to get used to that. One son talks about a hunch he has about a cow behavior. It's a sign that he's thinking in nature - and he's thinking - about this farm. At an early age he is developing the innate thinking system - it took me 46 years of life to get to - starting from youth. Imagine the possibilities.

And my other son, reminding me to be sure and fill the water for the hens. In that, he is responsible, and a real owner, a stakeholder, in this farm. How powerful can we be? Team Trautman is pointed at you, look out. Solutions to problems. A better world. Happier people. Probably unhappier big ag and their shills, too. Imagine the possibilities.

All the beautiful passionate people we've met, and have put their energy into our farm. This farm has changed us, as we have changed it. I feel like we are a part of starting a powerful energy - positive energy - generator here - ala Lost - THE Island THE Farm. Ahem, uh, only like the opposite as in no smoke monsters, violence, ehh, etc. and so on and so forth....(brief comic interlude. Cough. Cough. Thank you. Now back to the regularly scheduled...)

Imagine the possibilities - we are.

We have 300 Hazelnut trees in the ground, with another 300 or so to go. Maples planted. Designs on more fruit trees. Every year planting in the hundreds of trees.

Energy independence - solar, wind, organic fuels. Imagine the possibilities - we are.

Imagine the possibilities -So much potential. A Malabar Farm for 2010 - the 21st century.

Or the reality that DATCP tries to exterminate our farm relentlessly. Our meat licenses taken away. Our dairy license refused. And what new harassment one wonders? What will they make up next?



Scott Trautman, Despite the very best efforts  of the state of Wisconsin - still proud Wisconsin Dairyman.

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