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Why you think you so special, Scott?

"Mild mannered"


"Go with the flow"

"Go along to get along kinda guy"


Not likely descriptions of me - or not from anyone that has taken the time to know me - at all. And it's not hard. Facebook. Here. Website. Talking to people all the time. I am putting it out there. Large segments really don't care for that. Not their thing, shouldn't be anyone's thing. So you know they would describe things differently. Just pay attention to what the various groups say, but then, -- this is the key - see what they do. See what they've done. Ask for details. See what is always somewhere out in the future, if only for some funding today.

We're having a farm tour on Sunday September 19th, 10:30am.

Reader - are you invited? NO. I don't have any idea who YOU are until you tell me. You want to come by? Fantastic. Drop me an email, and I will be pleased to invite you.

Who have I invited? I'm going to let that be my little surprise. I like really interesting mashups. Not songs - people. My Experiments Continue.

But in some of these more "interesting" invitations - I am "in your face". Why Scott, why do you have to do it that way? Why can't you just rah-rah-rah be a nice boy and tell us all how great we're doing and what it would mean to me for you to be there? Maybe I should.

But, you know. I done tried that a whole buncha times. When you're coming with a message that what they've been doing isn't working and it's time for some new blood to solve problems - well - that is never well received. No inward looking. The problem is Elsewhere to those Involved in the Current Conversation. And since nothing can be done about That, how about we have a meeting instead of doing something?

WHY do I WANT some of these Muck-e-Mucks to PAY ATTENTION to OUR farm. NOW.

I'm not going to ruin the surprises I have in store for people that come to the tour. But I can start the ball rolling.

Let's start at the top of the list, in bold letters, about 10 points bigger than anything else.

We make money. We sustain ourselves from our farm 100%.

How many dairy farms can say that for 2009? Any? Not a lot  of money; but our income - think a line with a good altitude - going up.

Expenses - like for a real tough year like this - no money for fertilizers - yet - expenses go DOWN - income goes up. The heavy lifting at this farm has been done.

We participate actively in the local economy.

We do NOT participate at all with ANY of the abusive agribusiness economy. We do not play "the game" that siphons equity from good hard working farmers off their farm, outside of their control.

No GMO "industry" support

No "Dairy industry" support

No pesticide, herbicide, suicide genocide parasite support

No Speculative sit in a chair moneytrader making money like a parasite off of farmer's work participation.

No uncertainty about our future - we are on the path - to a multigenerational tradition - while around us - the process by the above parasites to exterminating our proud Wisconsin Family Farming Tradition. From the inside.

We are firmly planted in 2010 - not 1950, and not in the picture of where those that would sell me on suffering and failure, 2010 would have me - either.

Functional Families having Fun on Family Farms.

Say it with me!

Nothing but PEOPLE - CONSUMERS - caring about us. You. Me. It feels really, really god. I mean, good. You really ought be feeling like this too.

That is a dangerous thing, folks - straight by the farmer to the consumer - and this is the dangerous part - screaming it from the top of my lungs as long as I can - to anyone that would hear it -


YOU CAN FARM. That's right - you - reader - you - YOU. Dream it.

I will help.

We'll change the world - one person - one family - one farm - one neighborhood - one state - one nation at a time.

Get Happy-

Get Healthy-

Be Relevent-

Be focused. September 19th, 10:30am. Church credits will be given, as this is a Come to your Maker meetin' of the First Church of Nature, with your evangelist, Scott M. Trautman - despite the very best efforts of the State of Wisconsin



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