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I am a positive person. I say that to say who I am, but also to myself to remind me of this. In fitting in society, to complain, to talk of conspiracy, really, to tell of how little control one actually has over their life is about the most common talk there is. To talk about and live in fear.

There are lots of people that are good at this.

And they are necessary, some anyway, in order to shine the light in the places it needs to be shone.

But what about fixing the problems. Here's the conspiracy, here's the problem. A guy like me asks, so, what do you want me to do? Blank look; continue on with the how-little-our-lives-are-in-our-control due to the vast conspiracy talk. Talk. Talk.

I was that guy, I have been that guy, I can slip into being that guy on a second's notice. It's easy. I hate myself when I become that guy. He is useless. But that's how I choose to - and do - feel about myself when I do. You feel how you like.

What's hard is solving problems; especially in a way that is fair to all.

When a person accepts for themselves that they are far more 'in control' of their life than they'd been led to believe, the work becomes obvious. Retrain to think from "my right" about everything, to "my responsibility". From what others need to do and I'll sit here and do nothing while I wait for that to happen, to, even if the other never changes, how do I get the job done anyway.

That type of tenacity, focus - we need more of.

I am proud to welcome Michael Schmidt to our farm, Thursday Jan 20th, 5-8pm.

Many of you know of Michael Schmidt. He is one tenacious dude. Willing to hunger strike, chain himself to a fence, to take on the entire Canadian government, and know he can win (while the talkers say what?). And he has, and we will endure and win. If we learn to think right about the job ahead of us.

I have asked Michael here to our farm specifically to inspect our farm for it's suitability to providing safe quality raw milk. I am ready to learn.

A group came here last April, and created a document that said - in words - "we the undersigned give you the right". It made me angry. They wouldn't be here when DATCP showed up. They wouldn't pay the bills - but more importantly - they didn't look all that close. Here I had quite probably the world's foremost authorities on raw milk - safety - at my farm - and I felt like I got a pass without being tested. Half of me is nervous, will I measure up, and the other half is, come on Scott, really, you run a great little operation.

I don't want the "you wonderful little participator award", I want to feel good. I want to feel like we're on the right path, focusing on creating the highest quality and safety milk there is. And that being the most empowering thing I could ever do. I don't need DATCP's permission to create amazing quality milk. To create elegant, confidence inspiring systems that produce the kind of milk that made Wisconsin America's Dairyland. And I say - will again.

Most that would sit next to Michael would ask about the fight.

I would talk about the farm.

I know Michael Schmidt is one hell of a great farmer. I think he would probably get more satisfaction out of hearing that than any of the patriot work. Speaking for myself, I would.

I want to learn more about what safety means to Michael Schmidt. How to inspire confidence - confidence being empowering - that's how I'm going to win this for ourselves. The rest of the movement will have to do what they like as I continue on my path. My part is to do, to work harder, to solve problems. Not just for us, but for 1000 new or reactivated dairy farms.

In 7 years time - with effort and focus - I want to see 1000 new or reactivated family dairy farms in Wisconsin. What will those farms look like? Who will be there? How will their existence change Wisconsinite's lives for the better?

I say these will be diversified dairy farms. They will be across this state. They will be the models for the systems they fit into. As farmers: None more responsible. As providers of food: None safer or of higher quality. As people: Happy, and shifting the idea of the Wisconsin Family Dairyfamily from being outdated to THE envy of all. Happy healthy families serving happy healthy families.

This, to me, must mean new ideas. A putting aside of the complaining and the conspiracy and it is out of my control and I need someone else to let me do anything mode. There is work to be done.

Are you interested? Can YOU do it? Complaining is easy. Doing is hard. Creating plans that work and are for the best of all is hard - otherwise we'd already have all our solutions.

Join me, and other dedicated positive people here at our farm, to talk for one evening about the POSSIBILITIES about SAFETY about OPPORTUNITY.

And NOT about conspiracy, old hurts, but about from this moment forward.

This is NOT an open invitation, send me an email indicating you'd like to come and I will extend you an invitation. Remember: Positive. Constructive. Safety. No anger, conspiracy, powerlessness. Come with an open mind, leave feeling strong and positive about the future. Put our minds right - the world will come along.

Scott Trautman, PROUD Wisconsin Dairyman

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