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Hi It's Me (July 9 2005 posting)


This was a posting to my original blog on blogspot, on July 9, 2005. This is the "way back machine". I will keep posting these until I'm out of them -- upon rereading them, it is amazing we're as upbeat as we are. There's some good farm history here. 2005 was our 3rd season. - Scott

Hi, it's me!


Scott (me), Julie, Ian (7), Quinn (5), Lilly (2), are organic farmers by Stoughton, Wisconsin. Our farm is 40 acres.
We moved here May 17th of 2002, Settendmai weekend.
I owned a small ISP (Internet Service Provider) company from late 1994-May 2004.

We started farming early spring of 2003, with some rainbow mix laying hens (50) & 4 started Jersey steers.
I planted the entire farm into pasture in late April, a little heavy on the red clover.

We've worked agressively on soil life, following Gary Zimmer's program in his "The Biological Farmer" book, loading up on lots of calcium, while we have the money to do it, money from a modest payout on selling the Internet business.

First season, we harvested those 4 steers in the fall, but during that summer started what ended up being 16 Jersey calves from a near big conventional dairy. 2nd season, we ended up with 31 big calves, and having purchased 2 others, have 33 grazing right now for fall harvest.

Now being the season where it's been 3 years since anything artificial put on our ground, we're a few days away from our final organic certification. We've gotten over 40 weaned Jersey/cross bull calves so far, with all but four so far being certified organic, on our way to 50.

April-May-June have been incredibly busy, had to re-seed about half our pastures due to winterkill, and mistakedly starting some big projects in late May. Won't be doing that again, May-June is pure farming, no projects for next year. Live and learn.

I'll keep adding to this post for more background, as I have time, along with the daily stuff.
We love farming, and although the posts might reflect setbacks, know we've got a very positive attitude, I'll try and make sure that gets reflected & not just the bummers along the way. Such as it is, gotta do some grousing along the way.


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