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Legalize Raw Milk NOW - Governor sign that bill: Capital Square, noon Saturday May 15th



You need to be listening to a different group of people than you are right now.

Dairy "Industry" bigshots and lobbyists -

They sure like to talk about how important the dairy INDUSTRY is to Wisconsin, don't they?

What are they doing to Wisconsin Farmers, though - are we important? Can we have one without the other?

I'm thinking we need a show of force to demonstrate the truth.

Wisconsin farmers have been feeding their families and friends raw milk for 150 years. More people every day are finding the benefits of raw milk.

While Wisconsin's "Dairy Industry" exterminates family dairy farms - over 2300 last year alone - and adds to the giant CAFO's - Confined Animal Feeding Operation - Wisconsin's farms die, record profits for the dairy industry.

Is this really what Wisconsin wants? It's only the "Dairy Industry" that has this future in mind for Wisconsin -

Let's show the governor and everyone - our clear vision of a different future - one of jobs, prosperity - pride - and farms - lots more farms, not less and larger - smaller and more vital. I am talking about a New Golden Age of Dairy in Wisconsin, starting right now - with the signing of this bill, Governor - sign it - trust us - trust the farmers of Wisconsin.

Sign that bill, Governor!

MILK DUMP - 7th month for Trautman Family Farm, organic 100% grass dairy - the pride of Wisconsin Dairy -

NOON - CAPITAL SQUARE Madison WI Saturday May 15th

Scott Trautman, Proud Wisconsin Dairyman

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