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Thanks for visiting the Whimsical Farms blog and for all of your support this year!
We have had a fantastic harvest season and despite half a dozen nights of hard frost, the herb garden and a few tomatoes and pepper plants are hanging on. As an experiment, we also planted a row of late peas. This is normally a spring food, but our falls in Delaware have been so mild over the last few years that I thought I might get away with it. So far, so good! Somehow, I have used almost all of the peas I froze back in the spring, so I am hoping.... The freezers and pantry are full of the beautiful things I froze and canned this year. There are 100s of jars of pickles, corn relish, jellies, ketchup, grape juice, salsa, etc. I continue to sell our canned goods at market or at the gate. We are down to the last weeks of market, and I'm looking forward to the break. Not that we seem to get much of a break anymore. There are still turkeys to process (we still have a few for sale!) and Im still dealing with fence repairs and have not been able to turn the rams in with the ewes. At this speed, I'll still be lambing come state fair next year. Right now, we are planning to breed 30 ewes with three different rams. We have our pure breed Leicester long wools, our merinos, and our third ream this year is a black lincoln whose mother was 16 years old when she had him! He has a fantastic fleece and I can't wait to see the babies.
November is when we traditionally start our spring market hogs. In addition, our hay comes this weekend and has to be stored and it's pumpkin gleaning time. We are still gathering pumpkins from other farms and markets to be used as animal feed through the early part of the winter. It's a happy time of year. In the evenings, I try to work on a weaving or stained glass project to give as a Christmas gift. I'm also beginning to try to make some things for the sheep and wool festival at Rhinebeck NY next fall.
Thanks again for visiting us, contact us at anytime!
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