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Cold Minnesota Days!!

Today it got up to 4 degrees.  Last night it was -5 with a wind chill of -30.  this is typical for a Janurary early February winter day. 

Today Paul and Laura had me work on their 08 state and federal taxes.  Once the weather starts getting around 25 you don't want to be in doors, because it will feel like we are having a heat wave outside! 

The chicken waterer has a heating element in it, to keep the water from freezing solid.  I open the door to the chicken coop and the chickens just look outside this time of the year.  I pick the eggs a couple of times a day, because otherwise they freeze and break.  I do not have heat in the building.  If you have a chance, check out the video of our farm on the website, family photo section.  The video shows the chickens in the coop and the pigs outside! 

Happy Winter!  It will warm up soon, the days are already getting longer.  I am going to reserve my chicken butchering date tomorrow and order chicks for April delivery.  You know spring is on its way then! 

Dawn Hubmer @ Prairie Pride Farm


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