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Spring is on its Way- at least that is what the calendar says!

On March 21, Spring Begins!  The winter in MN has been long, cold, and relaxing!  I take time to clean, update computer programs, take a vacation, read, exercise, and sleep.  I do love the winter months! 

Spring is around the corner.  We are ordering our baby chicks and making butchering chicken dates with our local butcher.  I was raised butchering chickens every sat during the month of July, and have decided that I did my time.  Now we use a local processor that does an excellent job.

Farrowed some really nice Berkshire pigs this month. They will be ready to  sell in June-July.  From conseption to farrowing it takes 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days.  Once they are born, it takes another 4 months. 

Feed costs, gas prices, seed costs will all be higher this year.  We are trying to keep the retail prices, but the buck stops here, we have no other way to keep ourselves in the Black, but to keep my pricing reflective of the input costs.  I know you would like to see us stay in business, and that is one of our goals.

The rivers are rising around here, but lucky we are on high flat prairie ground.  The river is about 2 miles away.  So, I think we will be safe! 

Take care, and have a wonderful spring!


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