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Happy Easter

I have a 23 LB ham ready to cook for today, for 5 people.  We love ham left overs!  Field work will start this week and nothing is better than a ham sandwich, in the tractor, with mustard, horshradish, mayo on a soft bun!  I am also making bean casserole, baked potatoes, lettuce salad, and a chocolate-carmel brownie for dessert.  Kids are coming over at 3 and eat about 6pm.  They live close.  Roger cooked pork sausages at church this morning.  The Men have a softball team fundraiser on Easter every year.  We donate the sausage, 50 lbs.

We got 600 baby chicks thursday and we have only lost 2 so far!  Thats good news.  One year, the heat went out in the building and we lost 120 the first night!  They cost over $1 to purchase day old chicks.

We will raise three "batches" this summer.  The last batch will be butchered in October.  They wil be 4-5 lbs in weight in 9 weeks.


Happy Easter!  Dawn @ PPF


No Nitrates, No Nitrite, No MSG in our Smoked Sausages or Hickory Smoked Hams

During these cold Minnesota days we have lots of time to be creative and find solutions to the delima of poor tasting uncured smoked products out there in the market place. 

Everyday we try really hard to create the perfect "pork chop" by breeding the right boar to the right sow.  Once we have created the perfect pig the butcher takes over and processes the animal.  We are very fortunate that here at Prairie Pride we have one of the BEST butchers in the whole US!  She has even taught other butchers her secrets of sausage making!  This can raise a few eyebrows in a room full of men, but they learn respect her very soon.  She knows what she is talking about!

Well, having said that, we have worked very hard on several new products that do not contain the nitrates, nitrites, or MSG. The following is a list that is avaialble on my site! 

Andoulli, Chroizo, Wild Rice Sausage, Country Sausage, Country Sausage with Blueberries, Kielbasa, Cheddarwurst,  Wild Rice Jalapeno/Cheddar sausage, Garlic Summer Sausage, Cranberry Summer Sausage, Blueberry Summer Sausage, Pepperjack Snack Sticks.

Hickory Smoked Hams whole, half, slice, bone-in or boleless

Fully Cooked, low salt just perfect texture and flavor!!

So, put your worries behind and try one of our products this year!  We would love it if you were part of our family of customers!

Enjoy!  Dawn

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