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Thanksgiving for Dogs ~ Thanking Fido & Fifi

Thanksgiving presents an opportunity for reflection and appreciation and fresh and delicious organic food.  In many cases Thanksgiving brings Americans closer to their family, friends and loved ones, but don't forget to include Fido and Fifi into each of these categories.  If your relationship with your dog is similar to the relationship I possess with Teva, my dog companion, then you will see your dog as your best friend, your roommate and number one playmate. 

Thank Dogs for Good Health

Reflect upon the reasons to appreciate the social, psychological, and physical health benefits your dog provides you with and look to return the favor. 

1. SELF-ESTEEM ENHANCEMENT:  Companionship and friendship is one of the easiest benefits to recognize.  After all, the species is famously regarded as "Man's best friend."  Dogs almost to a fault will see nothing but the best in you and regally regard you as a king.  Chalk this up as a psychological boost to one's self-esteem. 

2. ECONOMICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY:  Along similar lines of thought, dogs present their "masters" with an ear to hear us vent our cares and frustrations to.  Surely a more sympathetic creature does not exist.  Who is not guilty of endlessly speaking to their dogs in a conversational manner?  In general dog guardians, myself included, tend to hurl an endless barrage of questions and comments at their dog.  So, in a sense, dogs encourage us to think for ourselves and allow us the opportunity to talk through our problems.  While answers and suggestions are few are far between, dog's seemingly encourage us to figure out solutions to problems in our lives.  The emotional connection between human and canines is one of true compassion. 

3. LOVE & SENSE OF BELONGING:  Moreover, dogs mollify our sense of loneliness and provide unconditional love. 

4. MOOD ELEVATION:  Dogs innately improve our mood.  This is one of the ineffable mysteries of the universe, but the mere presence of a dog will generate smiles and lighten our mood.  Perhaps we identify with the simplicity perspective dogs represent.

5. OXYGEN, VITAMIN D & EXERCISE:  Dogs further improve your health by endlessly encouraging you to play and get outside. Fresh air, sunlight and exercise undeniably benefit the human body. 

6. HUMAN INTERACTION:  Dogs are social butterflies in presence and in stories both of which encourage human-to-human social interaction.  Dogs will sniff and lick strangers as well their masters and who hasn't shared a cute dog story with a stranger or friend.  Furthermore, new networks such as entirely dedicate their existence to meeting one another through and on behalf of your dogs.

7. LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE:  On a more scientific level, evidence shows simply being a "dog owner" will help control your blood pressure oftentimes more effectively than medicine.  Read more from a BBC report at:

8. STRESS REDUCTION:  Each of the combined benefits above from possessing a close relationship with a dog will reduce your stress levels.  Again, well documented evidence exists to support this connection.  Doctors in many cases now even prescribe "dog companionship" for its wide ranging medicinal values.

Appreciate Your Dog with the Paw Naturaw Reward

Many reasons exist to thank your dog for your good health as the list of benefits above details without noting the specific and idiosyncratic benefits dogs provide.  Show your dog your gratitude by feeding a healthy Paw Naturaw diet nutritiously designed to fulfill your dog's instincts, cravings, and desires. 

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