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America's first lines of USDA certifed organic, raw, dehydrated or frozen diets for dogs

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America's First Line of Organic, Raw, Dehydrated Dog Food ~ Paw Naturaw

Organic Leader of the Pack

Paw Naturaw leads the pack yet again by providing America's first line of USDA certified organic, raw, dehydrated diets for dogs. 

Why Feed Organic Raw Dehydrated?

While organic, raw, fresh or frozen diets will most excite dogs and will most closely resemble a diet dogs would eat in nature, organic, raw, dehydrated diets for dogs closely follow as second best.  When dehydrated properly, keeping the internal temperature of ingredients below 105 degrees Fahrenheit, ingredients will maintain the enzymes and nutritional integrity raw nutrition presents.  Alternatively, processing dog food with high heat or chemicals as in kibble or canning production processes destroys enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other nutrients essential to keeping dogs their healthiest and happiest.

Organic, raw, dehydrated dog food presents multiple conveniences and feeding options.  Feeding dogs organic, raw, dehydrated diets is more affordable than both organic, raw, frozen and freeze-dried diets and is therefore more of a realistic option for everyday raw feeding for feeders unwilling to deal with the "hassle" of frozen raw foods.  Paw Naturaw's organic, raw, dehydrated line is perfect for raw feeders to keep on hand in cases of forgetting to thaw raw diets.  Of course the light weight and compact size work perfectly for feeding raw while on the go whether it be traveling, hiking, or camping.  Lastly, spoon fulls of Paw Naturaw dehydrated diets will perk up the taste and nutritional value of any meal whether it be raw, dehydrated, kibble, canned or homemade.

How to Feed Paw Naturaw Organic, Raw, Dehydrated Diets:

A little amount of food may go a long way.  With Paw Naturaw organic, raw, dehydrated diets for dogs two well packed tablespoons (T) per ten (10) pounds of animal weight will present the necessary energy and nutrient requirements for feeding a complete and balanced meal.  Just as a small tip, sixteen (16) tablespoons equals one (1) cup.

Mix one (1) part food with one and a half (1.5) parts warm water to reconstitute the meal.  Let product absorb the moisture for five (5) to ten  (10) minutes and serve your dog a nice warm meal.

Where to Purchase:

More about Paw Naturaw:

Paw Naturaw presents a new paradigm in providing healthy food for pets by focusing on the optimal nutrient needs of canines and fulfilling these needs by blending together the purest and highest quality ingredients possible.  Paw Naturaw uniquely sources live animals for its organic meats as locally as possible from certified organic and documented family farms, humanely transports the animals to federally inspected processing facilities, processes the animals for human consumption, and produces each diet in its own, newly erected, USDA certified organic, FDA registered, manufacturing facility built to LEED green specifications in Lake Mills, WI.  Paw Naturaw avoids using grains and leftovers from the human food industry such as high bone content ingredients like necks, frames, backs, and wings, and formulates its diets with popularly understood supermarket definitions of meat rather than pet food definitions of meat of which include the esophagus, diaphragm, tongue, blood, sinew, overlying portions of fat, and other lesser quality protein sources.  Beyond simply featuring the best ingredients possible each Paw Naturaw diet is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

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