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Planting Early This Year

What  strange weather we have had.  Eric has  planted our onions.  Today's rain was much needed!  Now it is too wet to finish planting the leeks.  Oh well it gave him a break.

Our turkeys are growing well.  The rye we planted in their pasture looks great.  When they get a little bigger we will put them out to that pasture.

 We have a new flock of chicks.  If will be a few months before they start laying eggs.  For now keeping them warm on the cold nights and safe from raccoons is the priority.

 The flowers look so nice in the flower beds.  Now to get those pesky weeds out of there...


Winter Time is our Planning Time

November is a busy time for us with the turkeys and pork.  When the seed catalogs started to arrive they simply went in a corner....

We recently dug out those catalogs and spent days pouring over them.  We are excited to try some new vegetables.  Our rutabagas and turnips did very well so now we are going to try carrots and celery too.  We have added a few more squash and pumpkin varieties too.  We also have our onion plants ordered.  Our garden area gets bigger every year! We will still have many of your favorites such as beans, tomatoes, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower etc...

 We have had a mild winter here in Michigan. Temptation is strong to start planting, but we know better.

Our onions and garlic are storing well and still available along with our cuts of pork.  Give us a call if you are looking for some good, healthy, home grown veggies and meats.

 Hope you are having a blessed day.

Roeske Farms of Hartland

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