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Burr it's getting cold in here

From my friend Mike:

Soon we will be hearing the environmentalist screaming about the new ice age!  Forget not that these are the same people who oscillate between warming and cooling about every 20 years or so.  There is speculation that the so called "Dark Ages" was in part caused by a cooling of world temperatures resulting in fewer crops and thus hunger, disease, and generally poorer living conditions.  This was followed by a warm up that may have been the reason for the "Renaissance." Our world revolves around the food supply, always has always will. 

So we had the 3rd coldest October in 115 years here in Wyoming, November warmed some but now we are in the deep freeze again.  I recorded 40 inches of snow in October.  Now that is some real warming.  Today it is 8 degrees with 50+ MPH wind and the furnace really is working overtime, along with the wood stove and the electric supplemental heater.

When the democrats get done passing "Cap and Trade" and energy prices start begin to rise, it should be real interesting. During the next 50 years, as some scientists predict that is the length of the cooling period.  The real goal of the Democrats, I think, is to get everyone on "Public Transportation," by raising energy prices beyond the reach of the average Joe.  This is hand in hand with the "public option healthcare plan." 

This cooling should throw a kink into gardening up here in the north!
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