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November 8, 2008

The wind finally stopped blowing, at least for today.  According to the web site windpowermaps.org Wyoming has huge wind energy potential. That  translates into tie small animals down, batten the hatches, nail things down and wear safety glasses when you do chores.

I did fix some fence in yesterday's wind storm, thinking that that is were the sheep were getting out. This morning I was greeted by only six instead of the normal 16, mobile lawn mowers.  All six of them are from this year's lambs group.  Two of those six are from the group I was given.  Again, that constanct concern of finding food, even when it plentiful in the pasture.

I cleaned out my high tunnel, (an un-heated greenhouse) and planted oats.  I'll turn the oats under sometime in March.  This will help improve the soil structure, add nutrients that my vegetables used and provide food for the earthworms.

I read that California passed initiative #2 on farm animal housing. More government meddling!  While I have a great appreciation for free range, pasture raised and all natural with animals. Especially mine.  I have  toured the egg production houses, I feel that veal farms are, strange, and a female hogs with piglets is the most dangerous animal anyone could raise.

There is another implication which most people never think about.  Eggs are a cheap source of protein, easy to prepare, fast food that is good for you, even a kid can cook up eggs and have a good meal or snack.  In the fact that eggs are an inexpensive protein, makes them something that single parents, people on food stamps, children, the elderly and families trying to stretch their food dollar can afford.

By placing restrictions on the egg industry the price goes up proportionally to the dollars invested in the system. The farmer will pass that cost on to the customer. This may price many people out of a cheap source of protein.

No one ever thinks of the weak links in society when touchy feely laws are passed from arm chair want-to-be activists, someone always pays the price, it's usually those who can least afford it.  

While I don't like the idea of hens being crammed into a small cage, people going without a cheap source of protein isn't right either. Where do you draw the line?  Catherine



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