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Cosmovore vs Local Foods

From the November 15, 2011, Drovers article Enter the Cosmovores;* “Mr. Kenny adds a new word to our food vocabulary as he answers — negatively — the question: Is buying local the best choice? He writes, “…these First-World food fetishes are positively terrible for the world’s poorest people. If you want to do the right thing, give up on locavorism and organics über alles and become a globally conscious grocery buyer. This should be the age of the ‘cosmovore’ — cosmopolitan.”

Local food as the bad-guy image to global utopia equality economics is incredibly off the mark. This is a narrow view of how third world countriesactually function and the impact this misguided approach has on local US communities, poor third world villages along with food safety, local jobs and the general health of all communities, is disastrous.

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