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How I spent my summer Nov 18 2010

Gardening at 6,000 feet in a semi-arid climate late spring almost summer - notes:

My garden is almost in full swing, tomatoes are lagging way behind and I should be getting fruit by now, lots of little green want-a-be's.  Sweet peppers are close to picking, just harvested cucumbers and green beans along with bunches of carrots and beets for tonight's farmers market.  Bunch onions are past being small scallions, now starting to bulb and getting a bit on the hot side.  What to do with all the basil, it's a difficult one to carry to the market due to bruising and wilt, lots of pesto in my future.  Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars all over my dill, love the butterfly so I'll take the hit on the harvest.  Thyme, sage and oregano are ready to harvest; I doubt that Martin will let me turn his car into an herb dryer again.


Watermelons are coming on strong, picked one last night and will give it a try tomorrow, hoping for a high brix with this variety.  Squash and pumpkins are doing their thing, putting on fruit despite the heat.  Geese got into the garden and ate all my lettuce, romaine and butter-bib lettuce, sigh.  Broccoli and cauliflower are disappointing, growing in a cool area yet bolted and are small and will weird.  Savoy cabbage is doing well, should be able to harvest them the first of September.


Planted asparagus this spring, will plant more next spring along with rhubarb, I want a perennial area that requires less of my time and attention.  Maybe a perennial cut flower garden to fill in some gaps.  Still working on berry bushes, getting them established has been a challenge. 

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