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Are you hungry?

The fight is on many fronts, a female senator from California now wants all added food ingredients tested for pathogens in her "processed food safety act S2819" which, if passed, will put all small food companies out of business, Wyoming made beef jerky - gone, Baer's Jam- gone, Chugwater Chili - gone. Still fighting HR 2749, which wants a $500/year fee to register with the Feds just to do vegetables, now S 510 same thing no fees, but doesn't protect the farmers' market growers.  I've been telling people about this since August when the house passed HR 2749, but no one listened.  The WY dept of Ag., is now talking to various groups in the state about these bills and what to expect, people are now starting to get concerned, they should be scared about their lively hood if they have anything to do with food.  I'm convinced more then ever that the Democrats are trying to crush the local food movement.  Between the Cap and Trade, Socialized Med, Food Safety, we will be cold and hungry within two years of all this passing.  Where does all this stop and common sense return, is the next  revolution 2010.
Sorry for the rant, I need to go out in the global warming blizzard and feed my sheep. C
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