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In the October, 2009, issue of the Shepherd magazine, page 14, center page is an article on "Product Labeling: Use of the Voluntary Claim "Natural" in the labeling of Meat and Poultry Product"  this is Docket FSIS 2006-0040 A under www.regulation.gov this is currently open to public comment.  I made and posted my comments concerning the term and use of all natural and how animals should be raised using that word. 

The term "all-natural" will soon be regulated by the Federal Government.

There are numerous comments posted by animal hate groups and very un-informed people.  I do not want some city dwelling arm chair activist telling me how to raise my livestock.

Here is what I posted (this is currently how I raise my animals):

• Animals are allowed to freely graze, exercise, with room to grow under natural conditions.  A feed-lot is not a natural condition for any animal.
• Animals are never confined in a “feed lot” situation for any length of time, unless weather or range conditions suggest otherwise.
• During times when pasture isn’t accessible due to weather or range or pasture conditions hay or silage feeds should be encouraged as part of sustainable land management practices.
• Animals have free choice mineral supplements, salt blocks or mineral tubs and fresh water at all times.
• Supplemental grain includes whole and crushed grains and non-animal based oils or protiens without antibiotic additives.  
• Ionophores should be allowed as they are not traditional antibiotic nor are they growth enhancers; rather they are to prevent parasitism.
• Anthelmintics should be allowed to prevent internal and external parasitism.
• Minimal vaccines should be allowed and based on regional needs.
• No growth hormones administered.
• Antibiotics should not be used to promote growth; however, antibiotics to treat sick or injured animals should be allowed.
• Animals are humanely treated at all times; use of electric prods should be prohibited. 
• Minimal or restricted of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers on pasture or grazing grounds.
• Docking of tails and castration and disbudding should not be restricted, as these practices are for the health and welfare of the animal and animal handler.  Safety is always first for all.
• Shelter should be provided so the animal can get out of any weather condition.


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