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New egg layers arrived today!

Today we are stopping out at the local hatchery to pick up a new batch of heritage layer chicks for our farm for next season.  We have raised all types of chickens in the past but have decided to go with the Rhode Island Reds and Americauana Breeds this year. 

We decided on the Rhode Islands Reds since they are a dual purpose bird and an excellent egg layer.  With feed prices at an all time high, we need a breed that has good laying to feed ratio.  Thew Americauana breed was chosen for their colorful blue/green eggs that they lay.  We figured that it will add a variety of color and interest to our eggs since all of our eggs are different shades of brown right now.

I always like starting chicks in October and growing them over the winter so that by the March arrives, they will be ready to lay and our customers can start to purchase eggs from us around Easter from the new batch of layers instead of waiting until August or September.  This also helps as I like to thin the flock in the winter and soup chickens always sell better in the fall and winter than in the summer.

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