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Traded in my muck boots for organ shoes!

This weekend was just awesome for me, I was able trade my muck boots for organ shoes and get out of the field and off the farm for the day and onto an organ bench. 

Couple of weeks ago I was invited down to a city church about 50 mile away to play their historic 1956 Beckerath German made organ.  What makes this organ special is that it is completely mechanical and the only thing electric is the blower that provides air to the pipes. This organ is designed in a northern German baroque style.I was told that when this instrument was built, famous organist like E Power Biggs came to visit and play on this instrument.  This instrument also sparked an interested and an organ revival to build mechanical action organs instead of electric action.

Most modern organs rely on relays and magnets to open the valves to the pipes but this organ's keys are connected to wooden stick called trackers which are connected to the valves.

As I found out, there are not too many organs from this builder in the States so this is really a special. organ.  The organ has also just finished a 6 year long restoration to bring the instrument back to the condition it was in when it was first installed.

It has been about 6 years since I got a chance to play an organ so this was quite interesting to say the least.  I am quite please with my performance.

 This instrument can be heard at the following you tube links:

Hope you enjoy the videos!




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