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Winter in Ohio

What a difference a day makes in Northern Ohio in January!  Yesterday it was 60's and jacket weather and today we are in the mid 20's and I am pulling out the heavy coat, hat, and gloves!  I have to admit that we have been pretty lucky to not be buried in snow this year.

This is also the time of year where I am going through the seed catalogs that have bombarded our mail box last month and deciding what seeds I am going to buy for this year's garden. 

I also have my eye on some fruit trees to add to the ones we have already.  I have decided that I will be buying a Honey crisp apple tree, a pear tree, a peach tree, a plum tree, cherry tree, a quince tree, and a paw paw tree.

Paw Paw is a fruit tree native to Eastern North America.

I would also like to get a raspberry patch started also this year.  I will not need to buy those as I know people who already have some and would not mind giving us some plants.

I might also try grape vines again this year.  In past years, they never seem to do well but I think that it might have something to due with where I bought them.

We are also planning on planting a field in Essex Rape seed for our pigs to graze this late summer. 

I also am thinking about planting conventional non GMO field corn and soybeans this year and when the crop is ready, turning my pigs loose to harvest the grain and the plant.  This will save in the step of harvesting the grain which is a difficult for me as I can never find a farmer nearby who is willing to come down with their combine and harvest our grains.

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