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Yes coffee, but please hold the chemicals!

Ever since owning a farm, I have had my eyes opened to the way thing are done in the real world in terms of food processing.  Sometimes shocking at first but now I have grown accustomed to all the stories so this one is no real shocker to me either.

This past weekend I was reading an article in a cool book I was given and it was talking about how decaffeinated coffee is made.  Until now I have never really given it any thought, though I do remember when I was a young kid my mother telling me not to drink the decaffeinated coffee my grandmother was making because it was processed with chemicals and their were health risk associated with it. 

Yes, when I was very young, I was given coffee to drink because being diagnose hyperactive which is today just called ADHD, coffee and it's caffeine, which is a stimulant, would work in reverse on me and would calm me down. 

Decaffeinated coffee is made through a process using steam and chemicals such as methylene chloride, dichlormethane, and ethyl acetate to soak the bean in and extract the natural caffeine from the bean.  All of these chemicals is on a FDA list of chemicals generally recognised as safe". It is well known that methylene chloride is also use as a commercial paint stripper and a degreaser, why in the world would I want my coffee beans soaking in this chemical. Some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer when exposed to them long term and in large quantities.  

You would not fry your french fries in motor oil at home then why is the FDA allowing use of  harmful chemicals to process food?

Granted, you have a choice now as they have found other ways to decaffeinate coffee and teas without the chemicals using water which is the Swiss water process or a C02 gas process. But the chemical way is a lot cheaper so you have to read the label to know for sure.  That is of course if it is even lised on the label.

I know some people might not want the caffeine but my opinion, coffee is a natural product which has natural caffeine in it, why is the world would you want to mess with nature! 

And while we are talking about coffee and what goes great with coffee is sugar, did you know that the artificial sugar Nutrasweet is owned by the chemical company Monstanto.






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