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Pigs on the loose!!!

Like any other farm across the country, we have occasional stories of animals which have escaped out of there fences.   

One story which comes to mind is the day that I came home and found that all seven 200 pound pigs had escaped and had a field day while I was away.  You don’t know the feeling I felt in my stomach when I noticed that they were not in the pasture where they should have been. After looking around a little, I notice that they were of all places in the neighbor’s garden!!  I was very lucky as it was fall by then and they were finished with their garden.  We are lucky that we get along with our neighbors around us so it was not much of a problem.  Here on the farm, we use electric fencing which works great but we also use wood gates so once the pigs realized that post that held the gate closed was push over, they were out.

It did not take much time for me to get them back to the pasture.  A little feed to entice one pig back and the others followed right behind him.    

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