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Grass fed beef- a cut above the rest!

Earlier this month I picked up our beef that we had processed from the local butcher shop.  If you remember from one of our previous posting, we sent our 18 month old cow into them back in mid December and he weighed out at 750# live weight with a dressed weight of 388#.  We are quite happy with the results since he was grass fed versus grain fed.

It has been three weeks now since getting the meat back and we have try the porterhouse steaks, ground beef, hamburger patties, smokies, tenderized round steak, and the rib steaks. 

This beef is clearly the best beef that I ever eaten even though it is only a USDA Select grade of meat!  So tender are the steaks and they are absolutely delicious!  Even though the ground beef is at least 90%-10% mix or more, it is still moist when cook and not dried out!

I was surprised, the round steak was more tender than I though it would be.  Normally the round is a more tougher cut of meat from the cow. Granted, I had the butcher tenderize it before they packaged the round steaks. I made a stir-fry with it and it turned out quite well!

A lot of this I believe has to be due to the fact that we had it dry-aged for 14 days and of-course it was a Jersey steer so that made a difference. 

It also does not contain antibiotics and hormones, definately something I did not want in the beef since that is all that can be found in the grocery store's meat case today.

I can tell you that we were quite busy this past weekend selling our beef to customers who had been waiting for it.  I completely sold out of the ground beef, flank steaks, porterhouse steaks and chuck/english roast that I had available.  Someone also bought up the oxtail, the tongue, and most of the liver.  We have to keep some meat for ourselves too so I am limiting how much of the extras meat we are going to sell.

We are definately going to raise more cows this spring and offer it to our customers in bulk and in a CSA share in 2014!

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