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Christmas hams, the butcher, and more!

We are almost half way through this month and in 12 day it will be Christmas!  There is so much that has happened in this month to make it so busy on the farm. 

We have been in the process of sending our hogs off to the butchers to get processed so our customers will have hams for Christmas.  We are also wrapping up our CSA program for the year with the pork orders this month.  I know a lot of customers are very excited about this because they have never had heritage Tamworth pork before.

In my search to always find a butcher who will offer more variety of no MSG sausages, we stumbled onto a not so good butcher this year.  Not that his butchering skills were bad or his sausage was bad tasting as it wasn't!  He had very good tasting sausage but unfortunately he did not keep his word to have my pork ready before Christmas so hence he does not have four hog carcasses hanging in his freezer anymore. Luckly thanks to another butcher I know who also does a great job agreed in a minute notice to squeeze these four hogs in so that my customers can have their pork back before Christmas. What was also strange about him is that he sold his frozen pork in the shop in vacuum bags but was only going to use butcher paper for my customer's pork. I even offered to pay a little more for quality plastic but he insisted that the plastic is only for beef that he process and not pork.  I was not cool with that because my customers pay me for the vacuum bags so that they don't have to spend their weekend wrapping meat for the freezer.

In other news, we will also have a cow going to the butcher in a couple days.  I am very excited about this as it is my first grass fed cow I have ever raised and I haver been waiting over 18 months to try the beef as it will be dry-aged and the cow of course was grassfed.

We also managed to sell the three boars I was stuck with that did not get castrated earlier this year.  One boar was sold to a local farm for breeding with his Hampshire sows and the other two were sold to someone who wanted to buy them to make sausage.  I told him there probably would be boar taint but it did not stop him from buying.  So I am pretty happy about this since I did not have to take them to the sales barn which is about an hour drive away from the farm.

I have also been busy trying to get registered papers for pigs I bought this year.  This year I purchased a new registered Tamworth boar and a registered Large black gilt.  Now we will be able to offer registered breeding stock of Tamworth pigs and I will also be offering for the first time a Large Black-Tamworth cross pork this coming year.  Very excited about this!

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