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Quince jelly!


A couple months ago, I received a whole plastic grocery bag full of fresh quince from a local orchard not too far from our farm.  After debating about what to do with them, I decided to make a fabulous quince jelly last month. 

 I was originally going to make a pineapple-quince butter but unfortunately it would have required more ingredients than what I hand in the cupboard at the time and of course be quite expensive to make since it required a lot of fresh pineapples. 

 I have never worked with a quince before even though I heard about them in the past.  The quince is a difficult fruit to work with as it has a high natural pectin content and is inedible raw but the the quince favorable for making jellies. 

I was told by the woman who owns the orchard where I got them that she really had not found a recipe for them that was completely successful so that took me on a journey to find something that would work and that people would love to buy and eat.

These quinces are a variety called pineapple and can I tell you that they smell wonderful.  The whole garage where I had them before I used them had a fragrance of pineapples in the air. 

After some trial and errors, the jellies proved to be successful as everyone who has sampled them thought that they were fantastic. We even gave one back to the orchard so that they could also sample it.


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