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A surprise on the farm!

I just love coming home to surprises on the farm!  Today was no exception. On the farm, we currently have three pastures full of pigs.  One pasture has our 12 week old piglets, the second pasture has our two newly separated breeder sows with a 2-1/2 year old breeder boar which I was hoping to breed back with and the third pastured has a 9 month old breeder boar with a large black gilt who will be going to the butcher next month due to a deformed back leg/hoof. 

So today when I came home, everything seemed normal from a distance, the right amount of pigs in each pastured, but upon closer inspection, I realized that my 9 month old boar is in the same pasture with the older boar and one of my sow.  My other sow was running around in the pasture where my 9 month old boar use to live. The two boars were having boar fights to compete with who would breed with the sow in that field.

Turns out, one of the boars and I am suspecting the younger one, ran through the electric fence gate I had dividing the pastures and made his way to this pasture with the other boar and sows I was hoping to breed back later this week when they return into heat.

I have heard of this happening when a sow is in standing heat but the funny thing is that none of them are in heat right now and I know he did not have a problem two months ago when some of my feeder meat gilts were entering heat in the pasture next to him before heading off to the butcher.

Since I only had a half hour of sunlight left today and it was snowing pretty heavy and I had a gate to repair and my sows will be coming into heat any day now, my solution was just to pair a boar with a sow.  At least I will know which boar bred with my sows.

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