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The dairy industry is at it again!

Several years ago everyone was upset and very concerned about the growth hormones in the milk and the rumors of deformities in the cows that received them. Now I just read last week it was announced that the dairy industry was asking the FDA for permission to not have to label milk which will contain Aspartame or more commonly know as Nutra-sweet.

Are you really serious?

Our food industry is really screwed up but this I think takes the cake!

First of all, why are they putting artificial sugar in milk in the first place?

Second, if they are not going to label it, you will have no way of knowing if it is really in there. There will be no way to avoid it.

Thirdly, some people are actually allergic to Aspartame, do they just have to stop drinking milk altogether since they don’t know if it is in the milk?

I think that the FDA better think very hard before allowing the dairy industry full reign over what they can add to natural products and not have to label them.

Remember, it is your right to know what you are consuming and what is actually in your food.

One thing I know for sure is that if this does come to reality, my family will be forced to buy a dairy cow so that we will have real milk without articial ingredients added.

What are your thoughts on this?





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