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Turkey harvest on the farm

The Sunday before Thanksgiving is always an exiciting and extremely busy time on the farm! This is when all of our CSA members comes out to the farm and pick up their turkey for Thanksgiving.  They also come to tour the farm and see the animals, especially the new piglets which were just born a week ago.

Saturday started at 5 AM when I needed to get some turkey order out that morning to people who celebrate Thanksgiving early. Needless to say from the picture above that we had a heavy frost and temps in the mid 20's. So that sent me looking for an alternative garden hose since the one outside was frozen even though I drained it- must not have been good enough.  The propane tank from my scalder would not seal properly either and the plucker of course needed to be adjusted at that time.

After the turkeys, I had to finish up chicken orders for people who had not shown up for their CSA order previous weeks back.  By then half the day was already gone and don't forget to throw in farm tours for almost every person that arrived that day.

By that afternoon, I had already decided that instead of waking up at 3 in the morning I would start at 5 PM that evening and work until the 27 turkey orders were finish.  So with help from my brother, we started the processing of the rest CSA order which people would be picking up that next day.

 And don't forget, I also had a guy who wanted to buy my breeder boar stop by and drop off his trailer so I can load him whe I had the time. I guarantee that it certainly would not be that day.

The evening and night included walking 1/4 mile, well not really, about 300 fett to pick up our pizza since the delivery man would not come any farther since we were processing turkeys.  It even included a 3 AM trip to the gas station ten miles away for another tank of propane. You should have seen the look on the woman's face who was the clerk at the stastion when I came strolling in my soaking wet processing clothes and muck boots to purchase the replacement tank!

Needless to say that since temps were in the high 20's, scalding became a bear since we had trouble getting the birds to the right temps to get the feathers out. A lot of those bird were also toms and they were pushing the high 20's to 30 pound range also so it was hard to get them into the turkey fryer a.k.a.poultry scalder.

By the time I had finished, it was already 6 AM Sunday and once I took a shower and got into bed, I only had about 1/2 hour sleep before it was time to package 40 dozen eggs for our customers who would be arriving sometime between 8 AM and 3 PM that day. Needless to say that I was extremely tired and it felt like I had a hangover even though I did not drink the night before. Donald Duck could have showed up at our farm for a visit and would not have remember him as I was that tired. I'm just kidding but there are a few customers that I don't remember showing up but they said they were there when I called them the next day asking.

So after a wonderful turkey dinner at my mother's house it was time to check a few emails back at the farm and hit the sack at 9:30 PM ending my 40+ hour day.

I still have 15 or so turkeys to be done during the week before Thanksgiving but I should able to handle that by myself.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!


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