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Signs of Spring in Seattle

I went for a nettles hunt and harvest at my friend's property on Vashon Island last week.  I brought a couple of friends and we tried eating raw nettles for the first time. All you have to do is fold the leaf up from the bottom into a tiny package. When you put them in your mouth, chew them on your back teeth. It was stimulating to say the least! But, it didn't sting going down or afterwards.

I have been drinking fresh nettles tea, & refilling the jar with cold water for overnight infusions & eating the nettles in smoothies and in sauces & saute'd with other greens & butter & garlic- YUM!

Warning... they don't call them stinging nettles for nothin!

**Wear gloves or enjoy the sting and the memory of the hunt up to a day later... I used Busted Knuckle on my sting and that helped me.



Accidental Angelica Seeds

I got this Angelica plant last year at The Northwest Herbal Fair from Crimson Sage Herb Farm in California. If you haven't heard of this place, it is awesome. I heard Tina,  the owner being interviewed on the Herbal Highway show from kpfa. She is so knowledgeable and super cool. I didn't expect it to live through last year, but it came back the spring of 2012. I put the one gallon container ON the new planter with nice rich compost, but never made it back to plant it. Later I saw that it had rooted through its container into the compost and planted itself. I noticed these amazing white umbel flowers in the fall and took this picture. I collected the seeds and will seed them in a special place in the garden and start it again.

Year end Reflection and Graditude

At the Winter solstice we are at the time when the light and the dark is symmetrical, implying balance or equality. Each year I like to reflect on the year that has past and the one to come, and set some new goals.

I am so grateful for the help I have received from so many really amazing people this year. I am inspired and rejuvenated by the great work my interns have demonstrated learning from them as they teach me to share my knowledge. I am glad to hear some of my original interns are starting their own practices and bless them on their paths.

I am hopeful that 2012 will be fruitful and prosperous to all who come into contact with me. I will be doing all I can to walk lightly on earth and treasure her gifts and wonders.





Hawthorn ~ the lovers herb


Please enjoy this blog about my farm. I will update as much as I can, but please contact me if you want to visit or find out about one of our programs, classes, or volunteer projects. Enjoy in Good Health & Peace~ Jayne

Hawthorn is great for the heart! For vascular health, and for spiritually opening up the heart to receive love. It helps those who are grieving to heal the broken heart, and recognize the love that was shared. I have made hawthorn tinctures from Brandy, and also from glycerine. In the spring and summer I harvest flowers and leaves, tincture them and add them to the mixture with berries.

I was on the farm when the snow started falling a few weeks ago, and managed to harvest some hawthorn berries that had frozen on the tree. They are supposed to be more potent then. While I harvest, I think of the people who have passed that year. I thank the tree for my harvest and providing healing to the people who suffer from the grief of their loss.  I thank the ancestors of the plant  for providing habitat and food for all the creatures to harvest from.

Hawthorn Tree at Sister Sage Farm

The scraggly Hawthorn Trees surround the farmland at Roseballen, just outside my farm gate. I harvest flowers and leaves in the summer, and berries (if the birds don't eat them first) in the fall/winter.  I have made two potions in recent years in honor of two amazing women who dealt with brain cancer for about 10 years off and on each, and finally (bravely) left this life for another. They were each beautiful, strong and independent women who were full of compassion and love, and I am thankful to have known them. 

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