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Signs of Spring in Seattle

I went for a nettles hunt and harvest at my friend's property on Vashon Island last week.  I brought a couple of friends and we tried eating raw nettles for the first time. All you have to do is fold the leaf up from the bottom into a tiny package. When you put them in your mouth, chew them on your back teeth. It was stimulating to say the least! But, it didn't sting going down or afterwards.

I have been drinking fresh nettles tea, & refilling the jar with cold water for overnight infusions & eating the nettles in smoothies and in sauces & saute'd with other greens & butter & garlic- YUM!

Warning... they don't call them stinging nettles for nothin!

**Wear gloves or enjoy the sting and the memory of the hunt up to a day later... I used Busted Knuckle on my sting and that helped me.



Accidental Angelica Seeds

I got this Angelica plant last year at The Northwest Herbal Fair from Crimson Sage Herb Farm in California. If you haven't heard of this place, it is awesome. I heard Tina,  the owner being interviewed on the Herbal Highway show from kpfa. She is so knowledgeable and super cool. I didn't expect it to live through last year, but it came back the spring of 2012. I put the one gallon container ON the new planter with nice rich compost, but never made it back to plant it. Later I saw that it had rooted through its container into the compost and planted itself. I noticed these amazing white umbel flowers in the fall and took this picture. I collected the seeds and will seed them in a special place in the garden and start it again.
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