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Summertime in full bloom

Hi, it's been a little while since I updated here as I do most of my "blogging" on my facebook page! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! We have had a lot of rain here in Georgia, but not as bad as last year thank goodness. :)

I harvested potatoes last week and the last of the peas - now on to green beans and squash, peppers and tomatoes and such! Harvesting kale and lots of herbs too! Cucumbers....maybe I will get some eggplant this year, I see babies!  I love eating fresh from the garden, it's delicious and the other rewards are the satisfaction of knowing where my food came from and that no poisons were used!

Come check out my facebook page and "like" me to keep up.... hope everyone has a great summer!


spring is really here!

Looks like spring is finally REALLY HERE!!  yea!  Hostas are up and unfurling, kale is growing like a weed, daffodils are bent over, peas, lettuce, herbs... all are starting to pop up and be visible!  I am sooo over this winter, it was the worst in a while for this area for sure! Just wanted to stop in and say HAPPY SPRING to everyone!  Happy gardening! :)




The weather is turning, and I hope for good! So glad to be able to work outside in short sleeves yesterday...felt good!  Everyone seems to be busy ordering seed, which is keeping me busy too! Now is a good time for me to go through my "stash" of seed, saved or bought, do some organizing, and perhaps throw out anything over five years old.  If it's older than that, chances are (for most things) it won't be good...depends on the seed!  (Did you know onion seed is one that won't keep more than a year? After that they are not much good at germinating.)  I also know that if I keep seed more than five years, I tend to get overwhelmed, as that is my main addiction, saving and/or buying seeds!  :)  Guess you could call me a Seed Collector......!  Everyone enjoy their week!  -deb

Happy March!

A bit chilly this morning, they say it's going to be a cold weekend here in Georgia....thanking God I don't live up north where it's REALLY cold, with snow and all that good stuff!  Just sunny and windy and cold here!  Hoping to straighten out my seed room this weekend, it's in quite a bit of disarray as would think if I organized it, it would stay that way, right? ha!  Hoping also to break up a bit more ground, providing the weather cooperates. And maybe I'll harvest some kale and make some kale chips in the dehydrator! I hope everyone else has high aspirations for a fine weekend - keep dreaming for spring.... i think it's almost here! the daffodils and crocuses gave it away..... :)  deb

Taters and 'maters and peppers, oh my!

Happy Friday everyone! I planted some red potatoes over last weekend and hope to get the rest in the ground this weekend. Supposed to be rainy here in Georgia but.... hoping for a break! Also have some seedling tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, as well as basil, under the grow lamp.  All doing well so far.  Need to get out my seed catalog, i don't need much but i do need some fennel seed... I love to grow it not only to use in cooking, but for the caterpillars! You can see some pics from a year or two ago that I have posted on FB... the caterpillars are beautiful and they become butterflies in the end!  Dreaming of spring - It's almost here!  Stay warm and dry wherever you are if you can, and have a great weekend!  debbie


How's your weather?

Hoping for some good weather..... need to get outside and play in the dirt!! (Mud is no!!!)  Everyone have an AWESOME weekend and get outside and get your Vitamin D! Hoping to report back what is blooming.... check out my facebook page to see what was blooming for me Valentines Day..... :)


Hoping for some Asparagus this year, it's the second season after planting two-year old crowns last year... I just saw a video on growing asparagus, and realize I didn't quite do it "right" when planting. However, I did have shoots last year, i just let them go to seed as I had been told to do.  Soooo we shall see....wish me lots of Asparagus!  :) 


I think it's on its way. Despite all the cold frosty weather north of us here in Georgia, it's in the air. Some mornings I can almost feel it.  The clover patches are getting greener. The kale and spinich are gaining on each other. SPRING IS COMING!!  Don't ever think it won't. It always shows up! Gray skies now, mean more rain for the earth to reproduce. Waiting for sunny skies and warm temps myself. You?   Have a most peaceful day and keep dreaming of spring!

Holidays are approaching...

Hope everyone is getting ready for the Christmas season.... not as many decorations this year for me. When it's just me, I get to put them all up and take them all I decided to make less work for myself! Instead I am spending my time making things for Christmas presents! Hoping they will be admired and kept, and not discarded..... hopefully people are starting to realize there is more to life than buying and throwing away....that we should make things last as long as we can, and take care of what we do have.  It's too easy to fall into the trap of believing I can "just buy a new one".  Enough on that.  Praying for some rain, for some reason these past couple of years there just hasn't been enough of it. Need to get out the hose and water the Kale and spinich and collards this weekend, and all my potted herbs....this morning i've been drying some St.Johns Wort and Horehound, two very popular herbs in the winter.  If you are in need of these two herbs for tea, i have them in my store in limited supply.  Hope everyone has a good day, Happy Friday! :)   debbie

Brrr good morning!

Hi all, haven't posted recently, been too busy to even remember! However, wanted to say the Kale is growing strong.... and onion and garlic for next year are going strong! Collards are up, wish they'd grow a little faster.... It's kinda cool this morning, brisk, had a little ice on the birdbath, but not enough to stop the birds if they want a drink! Been out gathering more moonflower seed.... got plenty if you need to order some from the store for stocking stuffers! :)  Plenty of lavender ones, too.... Hope everyone has a great day!   deb


Been checking to see what's coming in, and low and behold there's squash! So guess what I have in my salad today??? Also, arugula and kale still, and fresh radishes!  Love radishes, they are so FAST to grow! (28 days to harvest!) And they are good for you, too!  Can't wait for the green beans, maybe this weekend i'll be able to eat a few! Hope your gardens are all producing some great produce, too!  have a great day!

What have you plamted?

Everyone tell me what you have planted this year.....i want to know!! I've got two kinds of green beans, peas, radishes, carrots, limas, butterbeans, tomatoes and peppers, okra, corn, eggplant and tomatillos, squash (three kinds), melons, arugula, cucumbers, onion, spinich, kale, collards, broccoli and cauliflower, cabbage.....herbs basil, oregano, thyme, lemongrass, chamomile, ok i'll stop now, but that's not all i!!  Seriously write me and tell me what you have planted. Find me on facebook, debbie's garden in Dallas, GA....and LIKE ME!!

Have an awesome day!! Don't forget the plant sale is coming up, Sat. May 12! See my page for event time and place.



Been planting my garden, and getting ready for the Plant Sale next month...trying to hurry before the grandbaby arrives (May 1 we hope)! Planted some green beans, lima beans, speckled butterbeans, tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, radishes, arugula, and Japanese cucumbers! Herbally speaking we have basil, oregano, lemongrass, catnip, thyme, chamomile, lemon balm, all kinds of mints....just having a blast in the garden lately!  SOOOO glad winter is gone! Care to share what have you planted??  Everyone have a blessed day!


Had some awesome collards and kale from my garden this past weekend, finished them off today! Nothing like growing your own food, picking it and eating it within a few hours time.  It tastes SO much better, you really can tell the difference.  Have lettuces, and more greens, broccoli, cabbages growing.....some under a shade cloth....keeps the frost from getting them :)  Everyone have an AWESOME Thanksgiving!! :-)  debbie



Nov. 1

Happy November, all! Hope this finds you in good spirits! Pulled up the tomato plants and gourd vines the other day, sad day but I'd rather do it than have the freeze kill them!  Green tomato casserole it is GOOD!! :)  Expecting to have my new dehydrator delivered today.....excited!!!  Hope you have a good week.  debbie
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