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Farmer's Market!

I seem to have not had time lately to blog! Getting ready for the Farmer's Market, which opens this weekend in Marietta, GA....Saturday, May 2, 9am to 12noon. I will be there with bells on.....well, at least with herbs!  Hope to see you locals there, it will be great! Opening day is always exciting, as we vendors get to see each other, and you, after a long absence! I enjoy the social aspect as much as the actual making money! For anyone coming, they are having the Arts & Crafts festival, so look for the Farmer's Market on the Mill St. end, down by the coffee shop and the railroad tracks! That is where they put us when there's something else going on.  Can't wait to see you! HAVE AN HERBY DAY!! debbie


Earth Day

Hope everyone had a glorious Earth Day....and the days will continue to be sunnier and warmer! I finally have limas and okra coming up, and a few cucumbers poking through the earth! All is good. My son built me another raised bed frame, so i know what i shall be doing this weekend...digging, amending, and readying it for some more veggies! Can't wait! Need to plant more basil, had a blight of some sort, like a "wilt", go through all my basil in the greenhouse....not sure but i think it could have been something in the soil. I will definitely use different potting mix. Has anyone had that happen before, and if so, what did you find out and/or do about it?? Thanks for any experience you may share. Everyone have a great day!

Beautiful Day!!

Hi all, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today, with the temperature being right at 70 degrees in Marietta, GA!  And sunny to boot! Have been working feverishly these past two days to get the plants ready for the sale tomorrow, and I believe I am ready!!!  Lots of perennials and herbs, and some veggies (tomatoes and peppers) too. By daughter Georgia and her friend will be setting up a booth of baked goods, and i know there are a couple of craft vendors. It's going to be great! Come on out if you live in the area, it's a FREE Event (Band Jam 2009), and donations are welcome of course, all proceeds going to Point of Need Ministries. If you need more info, it's 1955 Canton Road, Marietta, GA, Sat. April 18, 11am until 4pm, lots of music while you shop! Looking forward to a great day, it's supposed to be sunny and warm like today. Hope to see you there!! deb

Rain Rain go away

Well, we certainly have had our share of rain here in Marietta, making up for the past two years i do believe! LOL! Hopefully, the weather man is right and it will be sunny the rest of the week...i see it peeping through occasionally and am told it is here to stay for a few days!

I'm getting ready for BAND JAM this weekend, and the PLANT SALE !! Can't wait! If you are in the area, please do drop by....Canton Road Plaza, 1955 Canton Road, Marietta, GA 11am until 4pm...come early for good deals!! Perennials, herbs, some veggie starts....and lots of great music, too, and vendors. Can't wait to see you there! In the meantime, I'll be busy getting the rest of the perennials divided for sale....have a great day! 



Good Friday

Well i am taking a break, it's been a good "planting day" - Happy Good Friday, all! I managed to plant some baby lima beans (2 varieties-i love baby limas!) Planted some okra that i soaked the seed all night so hopefully it will be up in a few days. Planted some cucumbers, Marketmore is the variety. Also so marigolds (white) and zinnias (dwarf), and some chamomile. Oh...and some soy beans too, just for fun, and nasturtiums among them all!  :-)  Cleared some more ground, raked some's not easy work some days...thinking about hiring my son some Saturday soon to help do some more clearing. We'll see....! Also set out some Better Boy tomatoes and planted basil in with it....last year i did that, as suggested, and it did seem to make the tomatoes produce more! Amazing! I am also getting ready for my plant sale next weekend, at Point of Need Ministries on Canton Road (APRIL 18, SEE MY LH PAGE AND MY FACEBOOK)....hopefully I will have everything ready! I have a load of perennials: Gardenia, butterfly bush, rosemary, irises, coreopsis, to name a few....some annuals, too! Marigolds, sundrops....and herbs (basil, chamomile, thyme, oregano, tarragon, parsley, cilantro, dill, sage, evening primrose, purple cone flower /echinacea).....I could go on, but I won' yea I've been a bit busy lately! Keeps me out of trouble...haha....everyone have a grand day!  debbie


Finally a nice, sunny day, and relatively warm....temps are getting back up into the seventies. I might make it after all!  Moved the plants back out of the greenhouse this morning, i know they were glad....back into the OPEN AIR. I am planning to plant my beans tomorrow on Good Friday, and hopefully some cukes and more squash. Had a couple of things get burned from the frost the other night, but not too many things since i was prepared. I just forgot to cover some things, and a few got zapped! Oh well can't win them all! I can't wait to be outside in the sunshine for a full day tomorrow, and the whole weekend is supposed to be nice. Yeehaw! If i don't get back on for a few days, everyone have a Happy and Safe Easter!  deb




It is currently 52 degrees in Marietta, GA as i write this blog. However, it will supposedly be going down to below freezing tonite and tomorrow night!!  Have to go cover the squash with frost cloth this evening, and bring the tomatoes and peppers (in pots) back into the greenhouse...i put everything else that needed protection in yesterday afternoon. What a chore that was! Can warm weather just come and stay? I saw my first hummingbird Saturday afternoon, flitting around the baskets of impatiens....which reminds me i need to bring those in, too, i guess!  Guess i will hunker down for the next few days and stay warm....knowing that by Good Friday it will be in the seventies again! Everyone have a blessed day!  debbie

Good Day!

Today was a good day! I got a late start on my gardening, then took a break to go visit with my daughter Georgia and grandson Tommy....he's such a cutie, always something new (he's 10 months)!  Then back home for some transplanting....into bigger pots, not into the ground because.... A little birdy (weather man) said it's going to go down below freezing AGAIN on Monday night and Tuesday night. I guess my plants will get hauled back into the greenhouse AGAIN...i am sure they are over it, just as i am! Well, i guess better to be safe than sorry, so Sunday afternoon think of me as i start loading the greenhouse again :-) Have a good night everyone!


Good Morning! I am trying to be cheerful on this again rainey, damp, cold morning in Marietta, GA! I know it is spring, it feels like spring...but i can't get to the gardens...too much muck! I am praying the weekend will bring sunshine and warmer days. I have too much to do! This weekend, if all goes as planned, i will put in some more beans, possibly lima beans, in my newly rejuvenated raised beds. I will plant caladium bulbs in pots...i will ready my herbal seedlings and flower starts for transplanting into bigger pots for the plant sale on the 18th. I will dig up the yard (!) dividing some things. I want to do it all at once...LOL! First let's just pray for sunshine....ya'll have a great day!
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