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Rain Again!?

Hi from Marietta, GA! We are having RAIN again, or is that, STILL? I haven't seen this much rain for years. I guess we should be catching up on what we've missed the past several years. Unfortunately some of my plants are actually "drowning" so to speak, i've lost three or four lavender bushes, and they are on a hill so drainage should be at a maximum! I'll be glad if we ever get a couple of sunny days in a row, maybe it will dry things out a bit. Of course we have to worry more about the mold and fungus types when it stays wet too long. But...on the upside, i have not had to use anything but rain water so far to water my plants this year! And everything that isn't drowning, is flourishing!!  It has been a bit cool for Georgia this year, as well.  This is keeping some of the veggies from sprouting as quickly, and the basil doesn't want to grow fast like it would if it were warmer.  I planted some new basils, one of them called Oriental Breeze, and one called blue spice, and Amethyst (it's purple!) and i also planted LEMON thyme. All are sprouting!!  Also, in my personal space, my black beans and lima beans are up, pole beans, radishes, and early corn. I have the tomatoes and peppers planted. Trying to get some okra up, it doesn't want to, says it's too cool yet! LOL! Well that's about all i have, if it will stop raining, i can get some more herbs potted up for market next week! Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend!  debbie



Update on the herbs

Hi all! Got new basil seed the other day, and planted them. Soon I will (hopefully) have Basil - Christmas, and Basil - Purple Petra (i have a few of those left from earlier this spring). We've had such a cool spring here in Georgia, that the basil has been slow to grow. Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer from now on!  I have other new varieties I have yet to plant, will try to work on that in the next week or so.  Also received some fresh culantro seed. Culantro is a perennial, and has almost the same flavor as Cilantro, and it's hardy when it's hot, unlike cilantro! So I am getting some of those going, and also some more fennel.  I will be going out to the Marietta Square Farmer's Market again this Saturday with my herbs, 9am to 12noon....hope to see you there!  Have a great weekend!!  deb

Farmer's Market Opening Day

Opening day at our local Marietta Square Farmer's Market was yesterday (Sat). Considering the weather was threatening (it held off, thank God) and there were over 60 market vendors, and we were also competing with the Arts & Crafts event, I did well!  I sold a lot of herbs, and some of those pecans from the fall, too!  Several people stopped by to say hey that had emailed me. All in all it was a great market day! Now I've been busy since then, in between thunderstorms, potting up various mints (orange, pineapple, apple, spearmint and curled spearmint, lemon mint and peppermint) for all the folks who love love love mint!!  And started some more basil, as i am getting low already. Ordered some new varieties to try today, too, one called blue spicy basil and then purple ruffles, cinnamon basil, and a few others i can't remember. I like to have several varieties available. Also some lemon thyme, i have lots of folks ask for it so i ordered a couple of seed packs for that. Thyme grows well from seed. Well I'd better call it a night, hope you all had a great weekend and that next week the sun shines on us all! Happy Gardening!
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