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Well, it has once again turned H-O-T and i do mean hot!  95 today, which is actually cooler than a couple of other days this day it hit 100!  We had a nice thunder-shower to cool us off yesterday, thank goodness, and I didn't have to water my pots....I will have to tonight though.  Green beans are coming in again, and tomatoes and peppers are steady. Wish the cucumbers were better, anyone got a trick for cucumbers? If you do for sure let me know....I put down lime the other day hoping that will help - been getting lots of little cukes that just don't grow up! Very disheartening. The herbs are looking fine, though, I fed them some blood meal the other day and they greened right up, they don't look tired like they did! Well this heat makes me tired, too, so I know how they feel! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and staying cool! Herby gardening!! debbie

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