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Beautiful Day...

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, we just had some more rain....and the weather is turning cool!  Watching as my Kale, spinich, arugula and lettuces grow...can't wait for a taste! Finally pulled up the tomato plants, they were pretty much shot. Holding out on the peppers, they still have everyone has a great day!!! Be Blessed! debbie

Rain in Marietta, Georgia!

I awoke yesterday and today (2 days in a row!) to a pleasant, steady yet on-again off-again rain. This is very welcome in my city, as we have had precious little rain the past month. Ahhh and what a welcome respite to myself, from watering! The trees and other plants are drinking it up! 

Unfortunately it is also raining on the local area Tommy Nobis Center's fundraising golf tournament! May God see fit to let it be sunny for a few hours today for the golfers!

When all dries out again, I will be back out gathering seed as usual....this is a busy time of year for seed-savers. And the pecans will be starting to fall soon, as well. I anticipate a busy fall beating out the squirrels and crows for the pecans!

Everyone have a great week!!  debbie

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