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That Time of Year Again!

I want to take the time today to say I am very thankful for all my family, friends, and customers (who are also my friends!), and for all the FARMERS and GROWERS. I am truly blessed with an abundance of people in my life who make me feel special! I thank the Lord for another good year, for fully bellies and laughter, for all the things I am blessed with. And I continue to remember those who live very hard lives, who suffer pain and hunger, illness and disease, in other countries as well as in my own country, and I continue to pray that the Lord will provide for them through compassionate and loving people, all over the world. I hope all of you have a very Thankful Thanksgiving, and remember we here in the United States of America are truly fortunate.  Have a blessed day!   deb :-)


November 3 Already

'Tis raining again! Goodness when it rains it pours, wish we could space out some of this rain over a longer period of time! :-) Just a reminder to get your Georgia pecan orders in so you'll have fresh pecan pies for Thanksgiving! My pecans are never baked or roasted, they are R-A-W, either in the shell or shelled, and that is the best way to eat them if you want to get all the nutrients out of them! God food - just the way God intended! Have a blessed day and stay dry if you can!    debbie
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