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New Friend

Thanks to localharvest I now have a new friend! A lady from Vineyard Farm (Anna) contacted me because she noticed I was close by (about 20 minutes), and wondered about my plants. I in turn wondered about her farm! We got to meet Saturday, which was her birthday, it seems! I was able to share some herb seed and a few sundries with her and she in turn gave me a dozen eggs on the house! I did purchase two pounds of wildflower honey from her, apparently she sells it for someone she knows. They have goats, and in turn, goats milk and cheese...also she makes goatsmilk soap.  Apparently they are new to the area, only purchased the place last summer. They plan to sell vegetables this summer. So glad to have met her! Localharvest is a great place to meet folks of like-mind, and I am proud to be here! Everyone enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend (at least it's sunny and slightly warm here in Georgia for a minute!) Here's to friends, old and new! God Bless!
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