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When Will This Cold Be Gone????

It's still cold. Brr. Someone please tell me it's going to be warm this weekend? I can't handle much more.....I want to be out in the garden...with the sun beaming down on me, warming my soul. Just saying that made me feel better :-)  Dreams of sunshine and the smell of dirt!! Have a blessed day everyone!

Plants and Moving

And it's another soggy morning in Marietta, Georgia! Some of you know I am moving to Dallas, GA in a month or two, about fifteen to twenty minutes northwest of where I am now in Marietta. After nineteen years, one can imagine there are quite a few plants growing on this small plot! Some are staying, some are being divided and sold, and of course quite a few are going to the new Dallas garden. We are all excited! There are TONS of daylilies (orange), irises (purple AND yellow), spiderwort, ajuga, tarragon, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary and various other perennials and herbs and succulents - it's funny how you don't really realize what you have until you have to dig it up to move it! :-) Raining today, so I won't get any digging done. Maybe tomorrow! Hope some of you can make the plant sale (April 23), or preorder and pickup, either way. Mention you heard about it on localharvest for ten percent off your total! Have a great day!  deb


HAPPY MONDAY! Ok who brought the cold back?  Brrrr.... well it could be worse I least no frost has hit! I have too many plants going for that to happen, so I'll keep praying it doesn't freeze!  And the rain we are having is good for helping everything sprout up....everyone have a good week! Stay warm!   debbie :-)

Gearing Up For the Plant Sale!

As some of you know my garden and I will be moving to Dallas, Georgia, about 20 minutes from where I am now.  I've been furiously dividing plants and getting ready for a huge PLANT SALE, which is set for April 23. Today my plans for more digging up the yard were foiled, the rain has set in but good!  I guess that gives me time to do paperwork that I usually avoid until absolutely necessary :-) If you are local to Marietta/Atlanta area, please see my events for the plant will be a tremendous sale!! Lots of perenniels and some annuals....herbs and flowers mostly.  Ok off to finish my loan paperwork....! Have a good evening!

fresh arugula!

Had my first "leaf" of arugula today while i was weeding the greens patch....mighty good picking food straight from the ground and eating it right there!  Don't think you can get fresher than that! :) 


Yesterday I picked my first collards of the season and they were delish!  I had some Kale to eat up, too, so I cooked them together.  The arugula is really starting to shoot up, too, and I can't wait to have some in a salad, hopefully next week.  Growing your own food can't be beat ! Saw some swiss chard make an appearance, and spinich and lettuce too.....grow babies grow, cause you don't have long in Georgia before you will want to bolt! I am going to try using row covers to help keep them shaded as long as possible and "drag out" the season....wish me luck! Anyone got any tips on this, let me know by commenting or emailing me!  deb

It's warming up!

It sure has warmed up the past few days, it's 81 degrees right now in Marietta Georgia !  I am loving the weather, and watching my arugula, collards and kale reach for the sky! Hope it doesn't stay 81 too long, though, i'd hate to have them go to seed before I can eat any! Ya'll have a wonderful weekend! I'll be digging up the yard getting ready for the plant sale and move! deb

Plant Sale and Move soon!

We are getting some more rain here in Marietta, GA - the plants are loving it!  I will be very busy soon, digging up plants and dividing them for my plant sale, and for my move!  I will be moving myself and my business to Dallas, GA in about 6 weeks - approximately 20 minutes from where I am now.  Found a bigger piece of property, with a "clean slate" so to speak! And, closer to my grandson, too!  I will post an event for the plant sale, there will be tons of stuff for sale!  Hope you locals can get over to my place for the sale and get a deal or two!  Be on the lookout for the sale date!

Have  a great day!   debbie


We Needed It!

We sure needed the rain we are getting this weekend in Marietta! Making things poke up out of the ground further and green up! My small patch of kale, collards and arugula are looking good!  Fig tree has buds....and the blueberry bushes, too! Can't wait for some sunny weather so i can get back out there in the the meantime, hand me that seed catalog again, I might have missed something! Ya'll have a great day!  deb
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