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An herbal experience!

Chilly Morning!

It's a bit chilly this morning, fall is DEFINITELY in the air! Maybe soon I will be able to take the row covers off the broccoli and cabbage....we'll see.  Definitely has been a plus using them, the plants are "bug free" and have thrived in the partial shade....Georgia late-summer temps are rather brutal on cool weather crops! Everyone have a great day!

Fall and Winter Veggies

The fall garden at my house consists of broccoli, cabbage, collards, sugar snap peas, and lettuce. Planted some celery, too, still waiting to see what that looks like! :)  I still have arugula, as it reseeds itself pretty well.  Still getting a few tomatoes and peppers, and green beans as I planted a late crop. A spaghetti squash is taking off across the lawn, too, but i'm not sure he'll make it before frost, we'll see.  I am enjoying the seasons here in Dallas, Georgia, and am looking forward to trying my hand at growing herbs INSIDE for a change this winter. Ya'll have a blessed day!  debbie


Garlic is IN the ground! I can't wait to see those little shoots coming up. I've never grown elephant garlic before, hope mine is HUGE! I planted shallots, red garlic, and a white garlic, as well.  Wish i could remember the varieties without having to look them up...sigh. My love for garlic has grown over the years to the point if can barely stand to use garlic powder or dried garlic anymore. Garlic is good for you, too, as it helps boost the immune system, and kills lots of germs.  I am not one to get sick often, and attribute it to the garlic consumption, among other things, like running when I hear someone is sick....haha!  Everyone have a blessed day and don't forget to eat your garlic! :)  debbie


Today is the day.....this is my weekend to PLANT GARLIC!! I will probably end up planting some more cilantro and greens, too....what are you planting??  Have a good weekend!  debbie

Happy Wednesday!

The collards, cabbage and broccoli are gaining on the kale now that the weather has turned a bit.  I think they've grown an inch or two since I last checked two days ago! Exciting! Everyone have a blessed day!  debbie

Beautiful day!

What a glorious day it was today....the weather so nice and mild, not too hot or too cool. Too bad it can't be this great every day! I spent most of it outside in the garden, weeding and harvesting herbs, mostly basil.  I hung a lot of it to dry, and some went into the oven on 170 for a speedier dry! Gathered lots of seed as well......mostly different varieties of basil....and the neverending hyacinth bean and lavender moonflower! It's been a great year for those, and I am having a sale in the localharvest store, buy one get one free, in case you need either of those. So very blessed to have spent the day working and relaxing in the yard. Happy Fall Ya'll!  debbie

fall crops

Well, I am learning! It seems that the row covers help here in the deep south....when trying to grow fall crops of kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and other various things....I experimented with not using them versus using them. The sun/heat killed the uncovered seedlings in ONE DAY! And it wasn't even 90 that day. So....i will continue to use row covers for the fall "cool weather" crops....hopefully I will benefit and reap the harvest! Anyone else have any other suggestions/advice for growing cool weather crops in Georgia in the fall, let me know! Everyone have a great day! :) debbie

Birdhouses and Gourds

Fall is definitely in the air. I finally got the nerve to cut down the gourd vines....they were about dead, and since they were on the deck it sure looked some gourds to show for it, and hopefully will have some birdhouses for spring!  Everyone have a blessed day! debbie



Wow...finally! It's been over three very hot weeks since we've seen started slow Sunday afternoon, with a few drizzles - the finally gave way to real rain last night! I know all the trees and plants are very happy to be drinking it in.  And, my new seedlings are happy too! Trying to grow some cabbage and broccoli under "shade" (row covers) - any advice from others would be appreciated as to row covers.  Also have some radishes, kale, collards going.....hope they do, we'll see! Georgia summers are pretty relentless, and it's hard to get cool weather crops to work in the fall, at least in my experience.

Everyone have a good Labor Day, remember to honor those who have served, and are serving, our country.  debbie


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